Website and Blog Progress

08.10.2009 (1:05 am) – Filed under: Blog Related ::

This is my 1st entry on my blog. All my energy and time are now channel to the making of my photography website and blog. Which is long overdue. :D . Hopefully everything will come together by the end of this week. Cheers.


6 Responses to “Website and Blog Progress”

  1. IrwanMusa Says:

    Wah.. congratz.. :)
    Rajin2 update ye ipin..
    aku support kau dari belakang..
    perlukan aku untuk tolong ko setup studio pon ok aje.. :)
    apa2 pon.. congratz lagi sekali

  2. Ariffin Says:

    thanks dewd. :D

  3. Jibam Says:

    Tak sabar nak tunggu blog ni up and running. Harapnya ada info2 menarik yang boleh dikongsi untuk dipelajari bersama baik dari segi fotografi ataupun apa jua.

    Aku pun support kau gak Ipin… Congratsss…

  4. Helmi Khalil Says:

    Congratulations bro. Finally.

  5. kijal Says:

    mane nye update Ipin? hehehe

  6. nono set Says:

    ipin, congrats!keep it up n love the logo :D

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